Global Network for Peruvian Entrepreneurs Launched to Facilitate Access to Knowledge, People, Investments and Markets.

Despite consistent economic growth over the last few years, most Peruvians still do not feel this impact in their pockets. How to accelerate this process is a question on the minds of everyone in Peru. The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) – PERU, a newly launched organization, believes that a major component of such an effort is to significantly increase the focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Hillmer Reyes, a Harvard University graduate and one of the founders of GEN-PERU explains that “talented Peruvians living in more advanced economies represent an asset and must be engaged in the productive economy of Peru because of their experience abroad and familiarity with the home country.” He further explains that entrepreneurial activities provide the right economic incentives to foster more participation, but that more needs to be done to align innovative ideas, people, knowledge, investments and markets. And this is where GEN-PERU plans to focus its efforts.

The Peruvian economy has been growing steadily over last few years, in a climate of macroeconomic stability. There is also increased interest in global markets, as evidenced by the signing of a free trade agreement with Thailand and a pending FTA with the USA. As it is the case with these agreements, there are always winners and losers. GEN-PERU believes that both of these cases represent tremendous opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. They can be among the export-focused winners who now have access to new markets, and/or they can help improve the competitive position of local companies and organizations facing tough competition ahead.

GEN-PERU is connecting individuals and organizations interested in entrepreneurial activities in Peru, regardless of where they live; the network will facilitate a more systematic flow of knowledge, ideas, people and investments to Peru, as well as, increased market access in other countries. These are all key ingredients to enable the success of creative small and medium enterprises, which are the foundation for a more inclusive and productive economy.

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