Membership Benefits

The Association is open to any and all individuals interested in working to actively foster progress in the Peruvian and Latino communities, without forgetting our roots and our culture.

La Asociación esta abierta a todos los intersados en fomentar el progreso de la comunidad Peruan y Latina en este país sin olvidarnos de nuestras raíces y cultura.


Membership Types / Tipos de Membresía:

General Membership:

Benefits include: ability to market your professional services or business on our website, ability to hold office on the Board of Directors, ability to vote during elections, access to the Members section on our website, a personalized email address, and more! Annual fee: $35.

Student Membership:

The same rights, privileges and obligations as General Membership, but primarily designed to fit the budget of college students. A copy of a valid student ID is necessary. Annual fee: $15.


Why join APAPRO?

Financial Benefits
Receive free or discounted admission to APAPRO events
Claim some APAPRO contributions as tax deductions

Information and Publications
Receive free monthly e-newsletters that include upcoming professional, educational, volunteer and cultural opportunities and articles of interest.
Gain access to online APAPRO social network communications

Professional Networking Opportunities
Attend APAPRO networking events and build valuable relationships that offer mutual benefits

Leadership Opportunities
Learn how to become an effective leader and gain valuable leadership experience as an APAPRO committee head or board member

Professional Development Opportunities
Attend APAPRO sponsored professional development workshops to gain new skills and knowledge that will improve your professional competence and enhance career development
Request letters of reference for APAPRO participation (at consideration of the board)

Educational Opportunities
Attend APAPRO educational events and become a lifelong learner
Receive CEU credits at APAPRO educator workshops

Cultural and Language Exchange Opportunities
Practice your Spanish or English with APAPRO friends
Teach others about Perú and learn about other cultures and countries

Intrinsic Rewards
Make a difference in your life and in the lives of others as an APAPRO volunteer

Social Opportunities
Develop lasting friendships with other APAPRO members
Attend entertaining social events and meet people from another non-profit associations

APAPRO Family Benefits
Attend affordable APAPRO family events
Immerse your children in Peruvian culture and the Spanish language
Teach your family the values of volunteerism and tolerance

APAPRO Student Benefits
Discounted memberships for students
Attend free financial aid workshops
Learn about career and service opportunities from experienced APAPRO members