Mission & Purpose

The Association of Peruvian American Professionals brings together professionals and soon-to-be professionals in an organization that represents them in the community and before other institutions.

Mission Statement:

The Association of Peruvian American Professionals works to improve educational opportunities, professional development and cultural awareness to empower the Peruvian-American and Latino Community to reach their fullest potential.


The organization serves its community by working in numerous projects focusing on three main objectives:

  • Cultural: Organize and participate in multicultural activities to share our traditions and promote cultural diversity and understanding. Identify cultures by recognizing their contribution to the development of our community.
  • Educational: Promote education and mentorship among the youth and recent immigrants. Provide information and guidance about services in our communities. Organize and participate in events that promote professional development.
  • Professional Networking: Provide opportunities for Latino professionals to meet and share experiences about work and career development. Promote the development of professional skills and personal relationships among members and friends of the organization.