Help Peru

This area focuses on cooperation and development projects in Peru. Readers can inform themselves about specific projects they can participate and donate their time and professional skills to non-government organizations (NGOs), underserved communities, and government projects.  At the same time we can all share ideas and join forces on projects that aim to help Peruvians in Peru.

Internet Volunteer Project:

Many of us have been educated in Peru, and, for a variety of reasons, have been part of the great flight of knowledge and intellectual capacity that Peru has experienced over the last two decades. For others, it is the country of our parents or grandparents and we have strong family ties and traditions rooted in Peru.

As professionals we can all contribute in small ways to the development and progress of Peru. Using Internet technologies, it is now much easier to connect with organizations and communities in Peru and provided much needed professional support on ongoing projects.

What's in it for you? First and foremost, the personal satisfaction inherent in giving and helping others. Additionally, you can meet other professionals from many parts of the world and obtain invaluable experiences that may even lead to job opportunities.

How can you get involved? Visit this page frequently to learn about projects and organizations working on development projects in Peru. We also suggest that you fill out the form using the link below. That way we can send you periodic updates on projects of interest to you and be able to connect you with organizations looking for volunteers like you.

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