Mission & Objectives

The purpose of this group is to provide essential information and orientation to Peruvians in the area, who are in need of assistance or require orientation in order to enhance their quality of life and settle in the area.

Our Approach:

The Orientation and Community Service group provides information through this website, by coordinating information sessions, and thorough informal meetings with individuals. The goal is to exchange of information and experiences, and friendly advice in addition to factual information about formal programs that provide assistance to people in need, including new arrivals.

Organizations that can help:

The following is a list of organizations that can provide valuable information and/or assitance. Please note that most of these organizations are focused on the Connecticut communities.

CT Department of Children and Families:
1-888-KID-HERO or 1-888-543-4376 To learn how you can become a foster parent, respite foster parent, adoptive parent or a mentor to abused and neglected children.

Department of Labor Connecticut Works Program:
1-888-CT-WORKS or 1-888-289-6757. Then dial 5 and your zip code. Can help people find jobs and training to prepare them for better jobs

Infoline - Information Line 211:
Can give individuals referrals for help with regards to finding temporary financial assistance, emergency shelters, parenting support, health related services for children, food pantries, support groups, legal services, support and counseling for victims of domestic violence.

Social Security:
www.ssa.gov/espanol can give individuals information with regards to supplemental income, retirement benefits, Medicare, disability supplemental income all in Spanish.

Hispanic Health Council:
175 Main Street
Hartford, CT
The Hispanic Health Council Provides medical assistance to expecting mothers, and programs for young children.

Consulate General of Peru:
250 D Main Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: (860) 548-0266
Fax: (860) 548-0094
The Consulate General of Peru looks after the rights of Peruvian nationals in extreme circumstances, including deportation proceedings, and criminal proceedings.